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The NL914C™ Night Vision Monocular offers the user the performance and versatility of the AN/PVS-14 with an improved design. The NL914CTM has extended battery life offering the user up to 75 hours on one battery. The redesigned system includes push button design and is extremely lightweight (275g). The NL914C™ is a very versatile night vision system offering hand-held, head/helmet mounted, and weapon mounted capability. The system features variable gain, built in IR-Illuminator and automatic brightness control (ABC). NL914C™ parts are compatible and exchangeable with the AN/PVS-14 with the only exception being the battery housing. Standard Accessories: Hard sided or soft carrying case, manual, eyecup, lens cover, demist shield, sacrificial window, weapon mount, head/helmet mount adapter, head mount assembly. The NL914CTM will also work with any optional PVS-14 accessories including, helmet mounts, 3x/5x afocal lenses, and advanced weapon mounts.



• Lightweight

• Extended Battery Life

• Push Button Design

• Automatic Brightness Control

• Variable Gain • IR Illuminator

• 3X and 5X afocal objectives available

• Single AA Battery or CR123 battery (no adapter required)

• Glass Lens, for the Best Image Quality and Durability.

• Compatible with AN/PVS-14 parts (*exception for battery housing).

• 1 Year Warranty

• Made in USA Lens Material Glass


Technical Specifications:

Optics Magnification: 1X

Field of View: 40˚

Minimum focus range: 25cm (9.8”)

Focal Length: 25mm (.98”)

Diopter Adjustment: >+2 to -6

Eye Relief: 25mm (0.98”)

Mechanical Controls: Push button design

Variable Gain: ±10 to >3,000

Power Source: Single AA or CR 123 without any adapters

Operation Time: up to 75 hours

Weight: 275g

Submersibility: 20m (66’)

Operating Temperature: -51˚ to +50˚ C (-60˚ to +122˚ F)

Storage Temperature: -51˚ to +85˚ C (-60˚ to +185˚ F)

Lens Material: Glass

on all in house builds.

NL914C™ Night Vision Monocular

PriceFrom $3,650.00
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