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The Norotos INVG HYPER Helmet Mount combines the uniqueness of 360-degree clockwise or counterclockwise rotation with a durable ruggedness—becoming the ideal complement for versatile field use, providing multiple and immediate positioning to left-eye or right-eye use and corresponding stow positions. 


With Force-to-Overcome design, the INVG HYPER further maximizes safety through the Sweep-Away function that absorbs lateral-force impacts to NVG, “sweeping-away” as it rotates, virtually eliminating lateral impact events.

INVG HYPER’s safety ensuring dynamic flexibility provides the added user ability of 180-degree rotational stow positioning (relative to baseline user position) locking helmet mount and NVG thereby protecting the user from impact and forces that typically cause direct helmet mount-NVG-to-face injury.


Building on the INVG product line, INVG HYPER features the unique blending of security enhanced resourcefulness and precision manufacturing. In continuing Norotos’ commitment to providing the most stable Anti-Wobble night vision platforms available on the market, INVG HYPER is an ideal product when extended safety and flexibility is paramount.



Ergonomically Optimized Vertical, Tilt, and Fore/Aft-Eye-Relief Adjustment Levers for a custom-fit user experience

Helmet Mount Release Button allows quick one-handed release from Helmet Bracket or Shroud

Six Position Force-to-Overcome Stow provides multiple stowage options

Force-to-Overcome Sweep-Away absorbs lateral force impacts to NVG disengaging during side impact event.


Minimized Accidental Impact of NVG compared to conventional top stowage positions

Horn & Dovetail NVG Interchangeability with dual sockets for quick-change conversion

Glide-Rite Infinitely Adjustable in both vertical and horizontal directions

Reduced Weight & Enhanced NVG Center of Gravity prevents user fatigue allowing long-term ergonomic wearability.


Durable Helmet Mount Surface Finishes withstand extreme environmental and field conditions

Safe & Easy Operational Tactile Differentials on operating levers, knobs, and buttons.

Norotos INVG HYPER Helmet Mount

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