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X300V-B WEAPONLIGHT Infrared / White LED Handgun WeaponLight With T-Slot Mounting System-

  • The popular X300 goes dual spectrum
  • Switch between 350 lumens of tactical light or 120 mW of IR out[put for use with night vision
  • Securely attaches to either a pistol or long gun via its T-slot thumbscrew clamp


Dominate The Night. When the sun goes down, the X300V-B can expose your adversaries even while you remain virtually undetectable, giving you a huge advantage. With high-output white-light and infrared LEDs in one sealed unit, its recoil-proof LED generates a versatile 350-lumen tactical beam through our TIR lens with abundant reach to temporarily overwhelm the dark-adapted vision of an aggressor and ample surround light to accommodate peripheral vision. The 120-milliwatt IR beam is invisible to the naked eye — use it on stealth operations involving night vision devices, no filter required. Switching between the two modes is achieved via a no-look, self-locking selector ring, even on the fly. They can’t fight what they can’t see.

X300V-B WEAPONLIGHT-Infrared / White LED Handgun WeaponLight With T-Slot

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