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The Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter replaces the standard PVS-14 “J” arm to transform the user experience with PVS-14 goggles into a superior Anti-Wobble interface elevated to achieve ultimate reliability and stability. Maximizing custom-fit operator capability through heightened adjustment capacity—the Dual Dovetail Adapter retains peak readiness via fully sealed circuitry and rapid right-eye to left-eye transition.


While the typical “J” arm adapter is subject to vacillating while in motion, the Dual Dovetail Adapter remains steadfast even through high-velocity operation, permitting unwavering performance and limiting wobble induced eye fatigue. The True Horizontal Adjust (THA) feature further expands field use through achieving the ideal NVG position with one-half inch infinite horizontal adjustment.

In elevating the Dual Dovetail Adapter’s rugged durability, sealed circuitry permits exceptional water resistance to prevent short out. Right-eye/left-eye compatibility ensures accelerated conversion ability, or for enhanced performance simply attach a second dovetail to achieve on-the-fly right-eye/left-eye command.


In reaching towards the climax of high-performance night vision helmet mount systems, the Dual Dovetail Adapter enhances PVS-14 goggle use through expanding the capability of the typical “J” arm in becoming an Anti-Wobble juggernaut with intensified comfortable wear while ensuring endurable operational proficiency.



True Horizontal Adjust (THA) provides ½” infinite horizontal adjust for custom-fit

Fully Sealed Circuitry prevents water/moisture induced electrical shorting

Auto Shut-Off when NVG in stow position or removed from mount

Right-Eye/Left-Eye Compatibility ensures accelerated conversion capacity

Anti-Wobble Stability for unwavering performance and eye-fatigue prevention

Norotos Dual Dovetail Adapter

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